BAD ASS “World’s Best” Belt (WB)
This belt is for the rider / racer that is looking for the ultimate in belt technology and proven performance. This belt acts like the OEM belt in terms of engagement and operating RPM’s. Race Proven Performance

– Manufacturing, quality control certifications — ISO-14001, ISO-9001, and IATF-16949.
– 3rd  Generation heavy-duty, high-twist Aramid Fiber cord for HIGH HORSEPOWER TENSILE LOAD requirements. Making it the strongest belt on the market, surpassing even our EX and Sandstorm lines.
– Highest shock load rating to date being able to withstand the power of the 400hp machines.
– Increased top cog pressure load design that increases sidewall rigidity, prevents top cog bowing, but still allows for increased rotational flexibility.
– Bottom Cog uses HIGH MODULOUS RUBBER COMPOUND (BZX1) for better heat resistance and heat dissipation.
– Bottom cog is impregnated with short Aramid Fibers for better belt-to-sheave adhesion and reduced overall belt temperature.
– Latest bottom cog design for greater rotational efficiency at full shift.
– Precision ground sidewall angle (SCUFFING) for smooth engagement, increased power transfer and lower operating belt temperature.
– Aramid Fiber cord, versus polyester, wraps over bottom cogs for increased bottom cog strength.
– Increased cord pop-out resistance.

EVP has been validating the WB belt for the past 6 months on our fleet of company vehicles as well as with select race teams throughout the world. The results speak for themselves with numerous racers finishing grueling races without a single belt failure.   Some of these races include:

ICEMAN 500 – Can Am X3 1st Place – Pro Mod class, February 2019 – EVP modified OEM clutches / EVP Stage 3R.  Ice racing is extremely hard on belts due to the tremendous load the heavy, studded tires place on the drivetrain.  The belt ran the entire race without failure. 

MINT 400 – Can AM X3 1st Place – UTV Unlimited Class, March 2019. The Mint 400 is one of the toughest desert races in the US.  CMS Racing #2910 Can Am X3 4 seat (weighing approximately 2800 lbs.) took the overall the win with the BAD ASS World’s Best Belt which was powered by our lethal Stage 4RWi ECU program.  The entire race was run on one WB Belt which showed minimal signs of wear and would have likely lasted another 400 race miles! EVP racer Billy Long in the #T907 Can Am X3 also finished the Mint 400 with ZERO belt failures using the WB Belt.  

2019 UTV World Championships – Can AM X3 1st Place – UTV Unlimited Class, April 2019. CMS Racing #2910 started and finished the UTV World Championship on the same WB belt. Other racers including #T907and #T913 also started and finished on the same WB belt. 

Silver State 300 – May 2019 EVP racers #T907 and #T913 both raced from start to finish with the same belt